Foot Spas and Foot Cream: Be Your Own Professional

Tired of constantly hiding your ugly dry feet and hideous calluses? Be ashamed no more by giving your feet the treatment they truly deserve. There are many ways in which you can rid yourself of these problems. If you are a busy bee who does not have enough time to waste to visit a foot clinic, you can treat yourself to your very own foot spa at home. You don’t even need to dedicate an hour of your free time giving your feet the treatment they need because you can still try to do other things while giving yourself your very own foot spa.All you need to do is to prepare materials like a basin where you can comfortably soak your feet, a pumice or loofah to scrub your heels, soft towels, and of course your favorite set of foot cream products. Once all of these are ready, prepare lukewarm water in your basin and soak your feet on the water for 10 to 15 minutes. Soaking will help loosen the dead skin cells and calluses that you will need to scrub off later. Make sure that the water is lukewarm because you can scald your feet if it’s too hot and loosening your dead skin will be impossible if it’s too cold.After soaking, pat your feet dry with some of your soft towels. Do not dry it thoroughly because you need the moisture for the foot scrub you will apply. Choose a good exfoliating foot cream and apply it on your heels and on the top of your feet. Scrub the top of your feet using circular motions and use the pumice or loofah in getting rid of the calluses and dry skin on your heels. An exfoliating foot cream with ingredients such as aloe vera or eucalyptus is good if you need to relax because of the refreshing feeling that they give.After you’ve scrubbed your feet, soak and wash them again with water then pat them dry with another batch of soft towels. Again, it is important that you do not overdry your feet because you need the appropriate moisture to lock in your feet using your moisturizer. Just choose a foot cream with good moisturizing qualities and slather it on your feet to keep them soft and well-moisturized.Follow these steps and voila, you can be your very own foot care professional with this easy do-it-yourself foot spa tutorial.

Mind Body Medicine – What is It?

Mind Body Medicine is a well-respected, practical blending of “Western” medical traditions, along with “Eastern.” Mind/Body Medicine was first pioneered by Dr. Herbert Benson at Harvard Medical School beginning in the mid-70s. Dr. Benson was most well-known for popularizing the “Relaxation Response,” a simple form of stress relief and self meditation.Mind Body Medicine is dedicated to broadening conventional medical wisdom to more routinely include the many practical, easy and inexpensive practices espoused in his version of Mind-Body Medicine. Dr. Benson and his colleagues at Harvard demonstrated conclusively through scientific research that stress reduction could vastly improve health on many different levels.The Whole Person ApproachMind/Body medicine considers the entire, integrated person. Traditional medicine as practiced in Western culture tends to segment the body into individual systems and pieces. In other words, doctors are taught to look at their patients as a composite of parts: the endocrine system, the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system, the digestive system, the nervous system and so forth.Psychology is a completely different branch of medicine and is not going to be considered by the cardiologist examining your arteriogram.Honestly, that’s a real logical approach; most illnesses do seem to affect primarily one organ or system.At least, that’s how it manifests at first glance.What Dr. Howard Benson realized was that life affects the whole person. Of course, medical schools certainly teach that how well the endocrine system works affects how well the cardiovascular system works but they really don’t teach that STRESS (life) affects them all.Stress is hard to measure with any medical instrument so many doctors ignore it.Stress, emotions, fears, hassles, relationship and family issues, habits, social pressures, traditional science-based medicine has a hard time working any of that stuff into a diagnosis.Those who practice Mind-Body medicine realize that if you can manage life’s stresses, you can better manage your health.For optimum health, examining the entire mind-body-spirit is essential but unfortunately all too often ignored.

Why Software Managed Access Points Are Better For Cooperate Wi-Fi

With the internet becoming an almost inevitable necessity at the modern day work place, Wi-Fi has equally become essential considering the growing use of wireless devices. Whether it’s the mobile phone, the laptop or IP cameras and phone IP telephone systems, a steady wireless network is important to guarantee a steady connection to the internet for better working experience. With these facts in mind, it’s vital to choose your office Wi-Fi with great care.Points To Consider When Choosing Your Office Wi-FiLook At the Office Layout before DesigningThe office layout plan is the first thing you need to look at when designing your wireless network. This is because most wireless access points have some limitations when it comes to distance. If the area is too large, you need to calculate how far your access point of choice can broadcast just to make sure everyone who needs to connect can get the signal.Look At the Kind of Walls Used Within the AreaThe other factor to consider will be the types of walls within the office area. Wi-Fi does not broadcast through solid walls and this may restrict your signal to shorter distances than the chosen access point can actually cover. Offices that have partitions with solid blocked walls can be a big challenge. If the partitions are done using glass, it is often easier because the signal can easily seep through the glass walls.Consider the Expected Users and Their Accessibility RightsThe need for a guest Wi-Fi is another vital element to look at. Most if not all of the software managed access points have a provision to include the standard SSID as well as an additional guest SSID both running from the same software. Guest SSIDs will always be useful since they give the network administrator an option to separate the guest users from the main cooperate network. This ensures that the risk of unauthorized access to mainstream shared resources such as printers and data bases is prohibited for such users.What Are The Main Advantages Of Using Software Controlled Access Points?You can configure more than 1 SSIDThere are numerous pros to using these types of access points. These will range from the fact that you can have more than one SSID configured on the same network to the fact that they will offer seamless hand-off while moving across the office from one access point to the next. Since all the access points are usually reading from the software, your devices do not have to log off and search for a new SSID as you move across the office space.Manage your connected devices form one point (DHCP Server management)You also get an opportunity to avoid having so many DHCP servers within the same network. Stand-alone access points sometimes can be difficult to manage especially if they start leasing addresses on your network. Troubleshooting problems within a software managed wireless network is also easier considering that the software will often pick out all available devices. In normal circumstances, the software can even give you a quick status analysis giving you a quick head start when looking for a fault within the network.Major Concerns When Dealing With Software Managed Access PointsPerhaps one of the most common concerns when dealing with software managed access points include the fact that they do not come cheap and secondly; they are not straight forward plug and play from the box such as most common access points that stand on their own. It is however worth noting that in spite of the cost of the devices and their need for higher skilled technical expertise for setup and management, they are a better option since they will ensure your network is steady and better managed.